What Students Say About Our Programmes


We have had students from across the world partake in our study abroad programmes and internships. Here’s what they have had to say…


Amazing experience, and you guys did an amazing job on planning the whole thing! Thank you so much for taking the time to coordinate the amazing professional visits & cultural visits, plus great tour guides!

East Tennessee State University, May 2020


One of the best experiences of my life! I learned so much from this trip and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to learn more about their industry, and get real-life professional experience.

Ash, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), January 2019

jordan stover2.jpg

“My time in London, England with Zandra Rhodes was a life changing event! My two weeks there were my first abroad experience and I really learned a lot. Working at Zandra Rhodes allowed me to learn about print design and screen printing as well as exercise my organizational skills thanks to Eden Travel!”

Jordan, Buffalo State (USA), 2019


The time spent

in HK was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Eden Travel's well organised study tour and excellent assistance, the month spent there was rich with outdoor tours and events. I'd definitely recommend this experience to anyone...

Marco Staines, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), January 2019


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to network, it has been an amazing opportunity to meet new people and understand what brings others to Hong Kong. I think the programme was amazing”

Corban, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), January 2019