Sponsored by the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Asia, and in collaboration with Massey University and Auckland University of Technology

About our programmes

The objective of our programmes is provide students with the opportunity to spend time exploring the fashion and design industries in a specific country, while building connections that will last a lifetime.

Our internship programmes are unique in three ways:

  1. They are designed in conjunction with Massey University and Auckland University of Technology, ensuring they are of the highest standard, are most relevant to the student’s academic background and professional needs, and are safe, secure and well managed.

  2. Each internship begins with an “induction week”. During this week, the students visit a specially curated list of companies to ensure they have a broad understanding of how different companies within the design and fashion space operate within a particular country. They will also be involved in a number of cultural visits and activities, so that they make the most of their time abroad!

  3. Massey University and the Auckland University of Technology hand select a small number of their top students to receive funding to cover the majority of the programme’s costs. This funding comes from The Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA), a programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand. These students

The “Induction Week”: Students begin with a week of site visits, to give them a broad understanding of the professional environment in a given country and how different companies within the design and fashion space operate. For fashion students, this will include sourcing companies, markets, design studios, fashion labels and retail spaces. For design students, it will include companies that cover product design, architecture, interior design and urban planning, as well as virtual reality and gaming companies (Hong Kong).

The internships: Students will then break up to pursue different internships; enabling them to gain independent experiences most relevant to their academic and professional interests, while staying together to ensure unity and knowledge sharing.

Cultural experiences: The programmes incorporate weekly experiences, in which the students will come together with the programme coordinators to share their experiences, and have a “check in” from both a programme and governance perspective.

What is the PMSA?

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia (PMSA) is a programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand.

The scholarship aims to:

  • strengthen New Zealand’s ability to engage with key Asian trading partners

  • improve the international skills of the New Zealand workforce

  • improve the internationalisation of New Zealand tertiary institutions

  • increase international understanding of the strength and quality of New Zealand's education system

  • establish connections between New Zealand and other countries through participants building lifelong friendships and networks

  • strengthen New Zealanders' understanding of other cultures

For more information on the programme, visit the PMSA website.

More about our November 2019 / January 2020 programmes coming soon…!

What did the programme participants think?


One of the best experiences of my life! I learned so much from this trip and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to learn more about their industry, and get real-life professional experience.

Ash, Massey University (New Zealand), January 2019


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to network, it has been an amazing opportunity to meet new people and understand what brings others to Hong Kong. I think the programme was amazing”

Corban, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), January 2019


The time spent

in HK was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Eden Travel's well organised study tour and excellent assistance, the month spent there was rich with outdoor tours and events. I'd definitely recommend this experience to anyone...

Marco Staines, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), January 2019


Fotorama (Games and toy developer, Hong Kong)

The internship was a real success. Corban felt very comfortable in the team from day 1 and got on with everyone.

Thanks to Eden Travel International we got to be in touch few weeks prior to his arrival, which allowed us to plan better for his 3 weeks internship with us. He arrived prepared and delivered great quality work throughout.

His project was a huge help to our team, and it showed all of us a different point of view, which is really refreshing.

Corban is a great designer and I have no doubt he will be very successful as a professional in the future.

A huge thank you to Melissa and Katie who were really helpful since the start, from the recruitment process through to keeping us informed of the itinerary and schedule, everything was well planned and with no surprise. I would happily sign up again for this programme!
— Olivier Miller, Head of Design & Innovation, Concept4, January 2019

Concept4 (Product development and sourcing, Hong Kong)

We are so impressed with Eden Travel for organizing the internship program. They were extremely helpful along the way, and prepared us for the arrival of our intern Sophie. They even arranged time to chat with her prior to her arrival and let us know what she would be doing in the time that Sophie was not spending with us.

They arranged so many activities and cultural experiences for all the interns, which I believe helped them to relate to the day to day in the office better.

When Sophie arrived, she was just amazing. We were so impressed with her and her ability to get the job done. She is extremely mature and came in at one of our busiest times of the year, but placed herself in as one of the team as if we knew her forever. She was even participating in our customer meetings and giving feedback along the way. She was such a pleasure to have around, not to mention extremely talented.

We are very happy with our experience and would like to participate in this program again!
— Julie Petris, Managing Director, Manufacturing Operations and Product Development, Fotorama Games & Toys, January 2019