Who We Are

Eden Travel International specialises in providing customized academic study tours across Europe and Asia.

What Makes Us Unique

Our experience. Founded over 20 years ago, Eden Travel International is now one of the most established academic study tour providers in the world and has successfully led tours with more than 250 groups from over 50 academic institutions.

Our relationships. Our knowledge of both the European and Asian markets, and relationships with companies and experts across a variety of industries allows us to offer unparalleled experiences. 

We are truly global. With our Head Office located in London, we have a strong foundation in creating unique study tours to locations across Europe. Due to popular demand, we recently opened our Hong Kong office and now have a strong focus on providing tours throughout Asia.

Our tours are designed for you. Our tour itineraries are designed in coordination with each university’s international programme director and faculty, and customized to meet their specific academic requirements and provide the students with a unique educational and cultural experience.

What We Offer

Our study tours offer students the opportunity to experience new cultures, enhance their academic learning and further their career development goals by being introduced to companies and industry professionals across the world.

Each tour includes a mix of cultural experiences and site visits. The site visits are organized appointments with local and international companies and industry experts, and are a crucial part of enriching the students understanding of their chosen discipline within a global framework.

What Industries We Cover

In Europe, we cater to most industries:

  • Textiles

  • Fashion & Merchandising

  • Theatre

  • Architecture

  • History

  • Agriculture

  • Business & Marketing

  • Wellness & Nutrition

  • Education

  • Sports Science

  • Hospitality and Tourism

In Asia, we are more specialised in the creative industries:

  • Design (including interior, architecture, graphic and animation)

  • Fashion & Merchandising

  • Retail

  • Property

  • Luxury

  • Wellness & Nutrition

  • Hospitality and Tourism

One of the best experiences of my life! I learned so much from this trip and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to learn more about their industry, and get real-life professional experience.
— Ash, Auckland University of Technology, January 2019