Introducing Paris


Example Cultural Experiences



The Louvre, situated on the river Seine, is the world’s largest museum. Once an immense medieval fortress and royal palace, the magnificent, baroque-style palace now houses one of the most impressive and most-visited art collections in the world. The Louvre’s most famous work is Leonardo da Vinci’s "Mona Lisa," who enchants hordes of visitors with her enigmatic smile.

The tour will be given by an art historian from a local university, providing students the opportunity to really dive into this vast collection. The guide will carefully select key works—a mixture of masterpieces and unknown treasures—to craft a narrative of kings, emperors, and the accomplished artists who served them.

louis vuitton foundation.jpg


In 1854, the young trunk maker Louis Vuitton founded the company Louis Vuitton in Paris after he enjoyed the ultimate honour of becoming Empress Eugene favourite specialist.

The building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, started in 2006, is an art museum and cultural center sponsored by the LVMH group and its subsidiaries. Wanting to present Paris with an extraordinary space for art and culture, and demonstrate daring and emotion, the group entrusted Frank Gehry with the construction of the most iconic building of the 21st century.

The tour includes a private visit of the Louis Vuitton Museum and its adjoining working facility, where bags and trunks are still being made.

Example Site Visits

Printemps Haussmann.jpg


Created in 1865 by the visionary Jules Jaluzot and listed as a historical monument, Printemps Haussmann revolutionized retail business practices; pioneering the idea of discount sales to clear out dated stocksand later the use of window models to display the latest fashions. Today, Printemps remains one of Paris's leading department stores. With its magnificent art deco cupola, its Haussmannian facade and spectacular window displays, Printemps Haussmann offers an unforgettable experience at the heart of Parisian style and fashion.

The visit will included a private guided tour of the store, an introduction to French fashion history and an insight into the background of one Paris’s leading Art Deco department stores.



Founded in 1880, Legeron specialises in the creation of the most exquisite silk flowers and plumes imaginable for the hats, dresses, evening gowns and shoes of prestigious fashion houses; including Dior, YSL and Givenchy.

The visit includes a private and guided visit to the Maison Légeron ateliers, tucked away on two floors of an ancient building near the Paris Opéra. Students will be shown how traditional and modern tools are used to provide made-to-measure flowers for the world of haute couture.



Trend Union is an internationally-renowned trend consulting company based in Paris, New York and Tokyo. Founded by Li Edelkoort, its forecasting tools and trend magazines provide color, style and material information for designers and marketers working in fashion, textiles, active-wear, accessories, architecture, beauty, well-being, food, interiors, lifestyle and communication.

The visit includes a presentation about Trend Union and an introduction to trend forecasting. The group will share insights in colour, highlight textiles and go on safari to understand the new active wear trends. This complete emergence in matters of strategy, beauty, retail and design will be like a roller coaster experience of creativity.